Our staff will prepare an aggressive advertizing campaign to get your units rented. We craft ads which we place on multiple websites to attract the most viable candidates. We create flyers which we hand-distribute in the surrounding neighborhoods to attract the attention of prospective tenants. We generally attract multiple prospects for every vacancy we advertize, and our Regional Property Supervisors take great care in qualifying every prospect. We not only do an exhaustive credit and background check, but we also call the references that they give in order to assure you the best possible tenant.

We do periodic market surveys for each one of our properties. We evaluate the rents in the area as well as the move-in concessions which are offered. We look at each property we manage to ensure that it is showing its best and will attract the most stable and reliable tenants.

We offer community and image building strategies for our larger complexes. This helps foster a sense of belonging and solidarity for each complex that we manage and goes a long way in retaining tenants.