Overview of Services


  • Dues can be paid online using the Owner’s Portal. Alternatively, they can be mailed to our office, or hand carried to our office. We find that a significant proportion of our owners pay their dues online because of the convenience of being able to pay from home.
  • Consensys will issue coupon booklets to all owners at the start of each financial year as reminders of when to pay dues.


  • Each month your Community Manager will facilitate the Board meeting. Your Manager will propose an agenda prior to the meeting, and receive input from the Board as to what will be discussed. 
  • Your Community Manager will also compile a Board Packet for the Board. This packet includes:
    • Meeting agenda 
    • Minutes to be ratified from the prior meeting 
    • Homeowners’ Forum 
    • Financials 
    • Manager’s Report 
    • Finished business 
    • Unfinished business 
    • Executive session documents 
  • On the day of the meeting, the Community Manager will be on hand to take the meeting minutes. They will make a manager’s report detailing their activity for the previous month, and answer any questions the Board has as to on-going projects.  
  • Your Community Manager will also help the Board stay compliant with the Davis-Stirling Act. 
  • Your community manager will arrange for the yearly Annual Meeting. 


  • Consensys works with the Board to create the annual budget each year, and will prepare the Annual Disclosure packet to send to homeowners.
  • When it comes time to have elections, Consensys will solicit volunteers for the available board positions.
  • Consensys provides training for all new Board members.


  • Your community manager will provide financials to the Board. The Board will also have access through the Board of Director’s portal to these financials. They typically include:
    • Owner’s Statement
    • Cash Flow-12 Months
    • General Ledger 
    • Balance Sheet 
    • Dues Roll
    • Journal Entry Register 
    • Aged Receivable Detail  
    • Annual Budget Comparison 
    • Income Statement
  • These reports give a full accounting of the financial details of the Association. The Board can see the monies coming in, the monies paid out, delinquencies, and if the Association is keeping within the budget.  
  • An important job for your Community Manager is to monitor these financials, and look for anything that is a red flag. We will reconcile your Operating Account and each one of your Reserve Accounts to ensure that the numbers balance. Our CFO and COO will also be looking at these statements to be sure that everything is accurate. 
  • We will receive your bank statements and reconcile them each month. These will be included in your Board packets for the following board meeting.


  • Consensys banks with Pacific Western Bank. Pacific Western Bank specializes in homeowner association accounts, and has a streamlined process to onboard these accounts. The Board will decide who will be a signer on the account, and Consensys will make it happen. There are no bank fees involved, as Consensys has enough accounts at Pacific Western that they waive all bank fees. We pass these savings on to you. 
  • When it comes to paying bills, Consensys will pay all regularly scheduled bills, such as utilities, landscaping, and on-site manager.


  • Consensys uses the latest in cloud-based technology and mobile software to get the job done. We employ Appfolio Property Management software to manage all financial transactions and work orders. We store data, photos, governing documents, insurance documents, and anything that pertains to the community within Appfolio. This software has cloud-based storage and advanced security protocols to keep documents safe. In short, wherever we go, Appfolio allows us to bring our work. 
  • With Appfolio, homeowners will have access to pay their dues, submit work orders and architectural reviews, view their Homeowner Ledger, and much more 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the comfort of their living room.