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ConsensYs Property Management can handle all of your maintenance issues, big or small. Our experienced team of in-house technicians can be dispatched throughout Southern California quickly and easily. For larger jobs, we partner with a multitude of licensed, insured vendors who have proven themselves to us over the years. Together, our maintenance technicians and preferred vendors provide you and your property quality work at reasonable prices. From slab leaks to roof repairs, we can do it all!

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Call 844-774-8569
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Call 714-772-4400 M-F, 8 am – 5 pm
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Maintenance services you can trust!

Trained and Certified Professionals

Trained and Certified Professionals

Our maintenance staff is on call every moment of every day. Staff members are EPA-certified for air conditioning, refrigeration, lead-based paint renovation, repair, and painting. Our experienced technicians are provided extensive training in areas such as plumbing, water heater repair, thermostat installation/repair, locksmithing, drywall repair, re-screening, minor appliance repair, roof repair carpentry, painting and more.

Licensed and Insured Vendors

Licensed and Insured Vendors

For larger jobs, we have access to a multitude of licensed, insured vendors who have proven themselves to us over the years. We can obtain several competitive bids for the work you need at your property.

Yearly Assessments and Maintenance Plans

Yearly Assessments and Maintenance Plans

Our Property Managers can perform complete annual inspections of your property so that we can work with you to make a maintenance plan for the year. This not only keeps property owners informed, but helps keep costs down as we can address maintenance issues and concerns before they get out of control.

“I was able to meet with your firm and recommend to my fellow Board Members that you were the firm to hire. I have never looked back and so happy that I made that decision.”

MT, Client

“Thank you for providing such excellent service.  You have provided us with incredible support.”

SP, Client
“If your HOA needs a new company, I definitely recommend ConsensYs Property Management. We knew they’d be great based on our initial interview with them before hiring them and they have truly delivered.”
JA, Client
“The financial performance of our property has exceeded our expectations each year since we’ve hired ConsensYs to manage our building.”
AS, Client
“Great experience!  I’m very satisfied with your work!”
CL, Client
“You folks are wonderful!  Anytime I need special services, it is easy to get your attention.”
JS, Client
“I’ve had the pleasure of being in business with ConsensYs for 11 years. They’ve kept my property clean, occupied and profitable.  Thank you, ConsensYs.”
GD, Client

“You are the best property manager that I have had and I have lived here for more than 20 years!”

GD, Client

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